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The Matchbox Story

Toy cars are a right of passage for children globally. Through a series of original artworks, this unique exhibition honours Matchbox’s amazing contribution to countless hours of imaginative play. The company’s story celebrated through a collection of its pre-loved toys. A trip down memory lane for some and visual playtime inspiration for future generations everywhere.

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About the exhibition

Matchbox cars have fuelled the imagination of generations of children since the company was started by two ex-servicemen friends Leslie and Rodney Smith, creating Lesney Products in a bombed out London pub in 1953. Matchbox went on to sell well over 3 billion products worldwide and continues to this day.

Toy scale replicas originally created to fit in a Matchbox to comply with the school rules for an employee’s daughter, these models remain as powerful a spark for imaginative play as they did back then.

This exhibition shines a light on a selection of well loved Matchbox models representing over 30 years of real childhood play. Many of their original owners are now no doubt parents themselves and their playthings tell the story of this amazing company, itself born from a vision and belief in the power of play.

Now play worn and charming, arguably they could be more essential aids for todays children, with their world increasingly dominated by computer screens and passive entertainment.

Like their owners once did, each model has been placed into imaginary play environments designed to raise a smile.

As parents, we made this exhibition to celebrate this part of our own youth, with the hope to inspire a new generation to keep on imagining.

Each image is available as a limited-edition A3 giclée print, you can frame it with us or fit it easily into a high street frame.

The ideal inspiration for a little dreamer in your life to keep on dreaming.